ATA Allstars

Congratulations to our Allstars that performed at the National Performing Arts Festival in Orlando in 2020!  As the only (and smallest) team representing California at this National event, our team came back with 6 prestigious awards!

We received: A trophy for the entire group with an overall rating of "Excellent" and 4 "outstanding performer" awards for:
Clare Endert
Briana Turnbull
David O'Neill
Kees van Dissel

Finally, we also received an "outstanding solo" vocalist award for high school senior Claire Endert!

Congratulations to all of our soloists/duos for their bravery and their high marks.  All of our soloists were awarded excellent or superior ratings.  We can't wait until 2022!

About the Allstars

Our AllStars are Humboldt County's only travelling children's musical theatre troupe.  Over time, we've grown to add the Junior Allstars, the Allstar Dance Team, Dramaniacs and Spotlight Singers to create even more opportunities for young performers in Humboldt County.  AllStars are selected periodically throughout the year (when there is a vacancy) by audition only.  We are nationally ranked by renowned adjudicators and continue to look for new opportunities to showcase our local talent.

There's always more in store for the Allstars.  Thank you to all of our generous sponsors who helped make some of these trips and performances possible.  Check out the Sponsors tab if you know any businesses that would like to contribute!