Join us for our fun and rewarding Theatre Academy classes.  We offer classes in singing, dancing, acting, and much more.  Academy sessions are typically offered in the Fall and in the Spring.

We can't wait until we can start these classes back up.   Check out our summer camp and productions.  We hope to see you soon!

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Class Descriptions:

Crowd Pleasers (ages 3-5)
This fun and exciting class is a wonderful way to introduce our youngest performers to the magical world of musical theatre. They will learn basics in music, acting, and dance as well as team work and confidence building through fun games and exercises.

Curtains Rising (ages 5-7)
For the kids at home that can’t stop singing and dancing. This class introduces performers to stage directions, improvisation, choreography, song and scene study using fun games and activities. We encourage team work and friendship as we all learn how to be brave on stage and boost our confidence and creativity.

Set the Stage (ages 8-13)
A skills building session that focuses on the core elements of musical theater (singing, dancing and acting). Students learn classic Broadway songs as well as character development using theater games, songs and dance numbers. The Saturday class is perfect for beginning performers and the Wednesday class is a bit more suited for our veteran performers, but everyone is welcome.

Musical Theatre Dance Break (ages 11-15)*instructor approval required*
This is a level 2 class requiring teacher approval. This class will explore the many facets of musical theatre along with the different styles offered in the medium. Students should expect to learn several contrasting combinations from popular Broadway shows in addition to the varied techniques and forms that are associated with American musical theatre. Jazz or ballet shoes are required for this class.

Musical Theatre Dance Styles (ages 8-13) *new class*
This is an introductory level class teaching basic dance techniques. Musical theatre brings song and dance together and the hope of this class to provide the student with a better understanding of the steps are choreography that they see in musicals. Students will be introduced to Jazz, Tap and Hip-Hop styles. Dance shoes are required for this class.

Advance Musical theatre training for kids age 7-11, these kids possess the qualities of an AllStar and the drive to become one. This class is for a focused performer. These kids will get to perform and occasionally travel with the Allstar troupes . They are mentored by the older kids in a unique and supportive learning environment. Auditions for this group are held at the same time as the Allstars.

Spotlight Singers (ages 12-18) *
In the style of the hit show Glee, our Spotlight Singers dazzle crowds with popular songs from the silver screen and the Broadway stage. They focus on pitch, reading common rhythms in pop or musical melodies, performing techniques, singing in harmony, acting and even a little dancing. They also focus on the techniques & strategies needed to be a good soloist. This Allstar group will perform along side the Juniors and Gold groups in the Spring performance as well as the Forum Festival in the Bay area.

Allstar Gold (ages 12-20) *
Allstar Gold is an award-winning youth theatre group that develops and empowers young actors, singers and dancers to reach their artistic potential and become community leaders. Gold performers combine accomplished dance and vocal technique to their many performances. They travel through out the county and the state attending festivals and special musical performances. They are dedicated to spreading the magic of musical theatre to the world. This year’s team will be returning to the Forum Festival where we placed first last spring as well as the OC tap festival!!

*Audition only